Jerome Isaac Held Without Bail in Elevator Torching of Delores Gillespie

'Evidence is without question,' Brooklyn DA says.


The man who is charged with burning a woman alive with a Molotov cocktail in an Underhill Avenue elevator has been held without bail.

At his arraignment this morning at Brooklyn Criminal Court, Jerome Isaac, 47, failed to enter a plea. Isaac's attorney has not requested a psychological evaluation for his client, a spokesman for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said.

Judge John Hecht Jerome Isaac set his indictment proceedings for Friday, the spokesman said.

Isaac, 47, is charged with arson and first and second-degree murder of Delores Gillespie.

On Saturday afternoon, a man dressed as an exterminator, went up to the fifth floor of 203  Underhill Avenue building and waited for Gillespie to come home. As she stepped out of the elevator, light a homemade Molotov cocktail bomb and throw it at her. She burned to death. Gillespie was 73.   

"I know this is the defendant’s first offense, but the depravity of this one single act is beyond my description,” Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Taub said, according to the Daily News. “The evidence of this particularly heinous and brutal murder is beyond question.”

According to Gillespie’s son, Maurice, Isaac began working for Delores Gillespie about three years ago. But she fired him about 18 months later because she believed he was stealing from her. After that Isaac began harassing and threatening Delores Gillespie.

who was always trying to help those in need, whether by helping people find jobs, or setting up a feast outside her building for the homeless every Thanksgiving. 

Grand jury proceedings will begin Friday, the spokesman said.

Editors Note: Dec. 20: A up to help the family of Delores Gillespie with funeral expenses. 

Papillon3000 December 19, 2011 at 07:32 PM
Speechless . For me,This single crime is far worst than anything I ever could imagine . Why they let zombies like that in the street . This guy must be sent to California to meet auchincloss deserved justice . New york justice will give him exactly what he want and planned to get,free food and a home got life.
Papillon3000 December 19, 2011 at 07:36 PM
And he kind of look like John Allen Mohamed ,the sniper who kill for fun . There is the same anger and hopelessness I'm their eyes . Wonder if they are related .


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