5 Things: Little Zelda Sing-Along and Free Yoga in Prospect Park

Prospect Heights-area subway, alternate side and event information you won't want to miss.


1. You need to sing! Head to Franklin Avenue for the , where each week, the crowd sings along to a rock album. 728 Franklin Ave., between Park and Sterling places. 8:30 p.m. Free. 

2. You need jazz. In that case head to the  for  where tonight there's BrooklyNites Jazz where Revive Music hosts their renowned Evolution Jam Session, featuring some of New York's most prestigious jazz artists. The event is presented in partnership with WBGO.  The gallery tour is of American Stories. 200 Eastern Parkway, 7 p.m. Free with suggested admission of $12. 

3. You need yoga, free yoga. You're in luck because tonight there's . 7 p.m. 

4. You need to get the kids out of the house. Head to  for a . 755 Dean St. at Underhill, 10:30 a.m. $5 per family. 

5. You need to know if your train is running ... and if you have to move your car. There are no planned service changes affecting Prospect Heights stations today, according to the MTA, and alternate side parking rules won't be suspended again be until Wednesday, August 15 for Feast of the Assumption. (And the next non-Wednesday suspension is on Monday, August 20 for Idul-Fitr), according to the NYCDOT.


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