PEP Votes to Close P.S. 22

Despite protests, 23 city schools will shutter completely or partially.

The city’s Panel for Educational Policy voted last night to shutter 18 schools – including P.S. 22 – and cut the middle school grades from five others, according to DNAInfo.

Patch reported in December that , after receiving a C grade from the Department of Education in 2010, and an F in 2011. The most recent test scores had 30.10 percent of the students passing the standardized English test and 32.50% passing math.

According to the New York Times, hundreds of parents, teachers and protestors inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement filled the auditorium of Brooklyn Technical High School, in Fort Greene last night.

But their pleas to the board were not enough to keep members from voting to close or partially close all 23 schools, says the article.

Takiesha Robinson, a member of the PTA at P.S. 22, told DNAInfo that the vote was “heartbreaking.”

“The panel had their mind made up already,” Latosha King, a Crown Heights mother of a fifth grader at P.S. 22, told DNAInfo.

Although 18 schools were voted to close, the Times says that most will remain open for several more years, but will not accept new students.

The PEP also voted to eliminate the middle school grades at P.S. 161, in Crown Heights, according to DNAInfo.

Ekayani Chamberlin February 10, 2012 at 04:17 PM
How is this helping the community? Just shuttering a school instead of improving it is the answer? Ilived next door to this school for several years and they seemed to be a very well behaved, involved energetic bunch. The PEP has the rule to come in and essentially clear out a neighborhood of it's residents based on test scores? Where was the plan for improvements? Okay instead of running scared this would be a good time to consider home schooling and stay in your neighborhoods. This moving out of the black,latino groups in Brooklyn has really become so flagrant! Not to hard to see what the true agenda is. It begs the question with RATNER's continuing push with his ridiculous over inflated price tag of a stadium and his abuse of eminent domain to force people out of their homes that this is another part of the strategy for a land grab. Where is Laetita James? Ha! Her go along with residents paying for parking should illuminate the answer. My jaw has dropped.
Ekayani Chamberlin February 10, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Ah wait- Mayor Bloomberg behind these shutterings. With Cathy Black gone he's back toting revenge on children who need society's help! Mayor Blommberg probably doesn't speak a second language or know what it's like to face obstacles like these. Human being's need time and love and support to overcome these things and childhood is the time to be prepared on how to solve these and other problems that come up again in life. I am so tired of Bloomberg and his ilk. Originally from Boston he is not even from New York so why would he care about the unique social fabric of our city? Go home Bloomberg and take your misanthropy with you!
Matt February 17, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Are families in the zone going to be assigned to the PS 316 zone? Or are they able to transfer to any school in District 17?


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