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Readers' Choice Winners: Best French Fries in Brooklyn

A look at the go-to places for Brooklyn residents to get their fry fix

We asked you, our readers in Brooklyn, to let us know your favorite spot to grab a batch of french fries. Here are the results:


Park Slope

The winner for Park Slopers was on Sixth Ave., which garnered about a third of the votes, beating out . And while it didn't make it into the poll, people that their fry love goes to on Fifth Ave.


Carroll Gardens

The on Court St. won out over the other neighborhood choices.



on Tompkins Ave. elbowed out the competition to be named the winner.


Windsor Terrace-Kensington

It was tight race this week and while on Prospect Park West received five more votes than , earning them 10 points, the 10th Ave. bar got eight points for their second-place finish in voting and also received another 10 points for the great review by a reader for a total of 18 points. So Rythm and Booze takes the gold on the fry front.


Ditmas Park

eked past the competition to be voted the winner.


Prospect Heights

This was a tight one. was able to just pull ahead of the other great options for fries in the area. 


Fort Greene-Clinton Hill

The on Dekalb Ave. received the most votes to be named winner.


Congratulations to the victors! Check back next week when we will take a look at the area's best florists.

Dios Thunders April 20, 2012 at 08:27 PM
for true Brooklynites we stay loyal to our NATHANS fries we grew up on since kids..but CATSKILL BAGELS on Courtyou Road make really good hand cut fries always fresh too
Anthony April 21, 2012 at 09:27 PM
The fact that Press 195 wasn't even a choice for Park Slope was a huge oversight on the part of the editor, especially after three people asked for it in the comments section.
Dios Thunders April 21, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Anthony Ive no idea what Press 195 is french fry wise Im guessing......, but all i can say is if you enjoy them then go for it...go eat em and enjoy them! Cheers!
Dios Thunders April 21, 2012 at 11:48 PM
ya know fries like most other foods is a personal prefence some like em x tra crisp and dark some like thick cut thin cut with skin no skin n cooked in certain oils they prorably arent awear of that makes em love them or oven fried.......one thing fa sure potatoes are great and french fried or oven fried russest blue yukon or nathans famous or your fave corner place are the best, even your own home made ...so everyone enjoy! andbtw FRENCH doesnt mean the country its the way there cut called frenching in france there called pomme frites if anyones going to claim the pop prize its the country belgium.......though in AMWERICA fries rulwe sadly in fast food and forzen potatoes there coated and treated in a way so they fry and crisp and stay fresh and up the flavor...best fries u can make at home if you want a good easy recipe ASK me Im a pro chef and I love potatoes so Im devoted untill then whatever fries float ya boat dig in and enjoy I myself love ketchup ! Im a dipper...what about you?
Fifty Cents April 22, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Hands down, James Restaurant has the best herb fries in our neck of the woods. Next time you can actually get a seat in this tiny hotspot, have them with the house mustard and you will officially lose your mind!


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