Spoof of the Day: Prospect Heights' Gerrymandered Senate District

What Sen. Eric Adams' new territory would look like if yesterdays' proposed lines are approved.

Albany lawmakers have released their redistricting proposal yesterday, and Prospect Heights' District 20, had one of the most egregious new lines out there.

The block where Sen. Eric Adams lives been gerrymandered out, and for some reason so far unclear, a 26-block strip has been added along Fourth Avenue all the way to Sunset Park.

District 20's neat triangle shape now looks more like an ostrich, or a construction site digger, or, as one Brooklynite envisions it, a motorcycle.

See the photo gallery for PDFs of the old and new maps (sans embellishment) and let us know what the new district most looks like to you.

Reached by phone, Adams says he'll move if he has to (more on this soon).

Chris Owens January 27, 2012 at 07:27 PM
This district is a hard sell from a common-sense standpoint. The whole proposal from the Senate Republicans is outrageous (starting with the unconstitutional addition of a 63rd seat.) The addition of the 4th Avenue (strip) appears to be an effort to include some additional population in the district without diluting the Black base of the district to the east. Badly done and very tacky.
Gib Veconi January 27, 2012 at 07:48 PM
This isn't a district. It's more like a math problem.


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