New York Threatens to Sue Over Methane Rules

New York and six other states are charging that the federal government is ignoring the threat of methane emissions.

New York will join six other states in threatening to sue the federal government for allegedly ignoring methane emissions in their states, according to the Albany Times-Union.

Methane, though linked to man-made climate change, was not included in the updated rules covering the fossil fuel industry under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act.

New York joined Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware to file a notice that it will sue the EPA in federal court unless the government includes new methane rules.

"We simply can't continue to ignore evidence of climate change or the catastrophic threat that unabated greenhouse gas pollution poses to our families, our communities and our economy," Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Tuesday, according to the Times-Union.

When the new rules were announced by the EPA, it did not include methane because it would "continue to evaluate the appropriateness of regulating methane with an eye toward taking additional steps if appropriate,” according to the Times-Union

"While it is clear that methane from oil and natural gas development contributes substantially to climate change pollution, regulators have failed to require the industry to use available and cost-effective measures to control these emissions," Schneiderman said.

An EPA spokeswoman told the paper that the agency would review the filing.


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