New Push in NY for Medical Marijuana Bill

On the heels of marijuana victories in Massachusetts, Colorado and Washington, lobbyist are taking aim at New York next.

Big Marijuana has tapped some heavy-hitting Abany lobbyists to leagalize pot in New York for medicinal purposes, according to the New York Post.

At the helm is lobbyist Patricia Lynch, who runs a firm that represents a Colorado-based marijuana manufacturer. She is a former top aide to Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and one of her managing partners, Patrick McCarthy, is former executive director of the state Republican Party and an aide to former Gov. George Pataki.

“We’re going to negotiate this bill with the wind at our backs. There’s tremendous support to legalize medical marijuana in New York,” state Sen. Diane Savino, a Staten Island Democrat, told the Post.

The new push for legalized medicinal pot comes a week after voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana became legalized in Colorado and Washington.

According to the paper, a Siena College poll in June showed 61 percent of New York voters backed medical marijuana to help relieve pain and suffering.

And it’s not just those with medical ailments that would benefit from marijuana, said Savino, who predicts that with licensing and taxing of marijuana growers, dispensaries and sales could generate upwards of $1 billion for New York.

Prescription marijuana is backed by the New York State Medical Society, as well.

But New York law enforcement argues that medical marijuana can be a gateway drug.

“We are now coping with the epidemic of prescription-pill addiction and cannot afford another disaster caused by the highly abused ‘remedy’ pushed by Big Marijuana,” New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told the Post.

Todd November January 22, 2013 at 03:23 PM
Billions in State and Federal Tax Revenue
Dios Thunders January 31, 2013 at 01:19 PM
I once was hit by a truck I was in insane pain had 2 sleep sitting up for a year. NOT EASY TO DO if I coughed or sneezed it was so incredibly painfull Id scream all the pain killers were horrible & made me courtney love crazy & didnt work well then you needed more after a few months I told my Dr get me off this sh*t A friend got me some reefer Id smoke a bit in a pipe,ta da relief & I could fall asleep easy My Dr aporoved & said it should be legal I really wish it was now I fell on the ice last week thanks 2 the idiot super forgetting 2 salt & sand are apt stoop Broken Foot= Crazy constant pain I refused pain killers there all narcotic Ibroprobon doesnt work I wish I had some reefer THAT WOULD HELP & Ken my mother was a executive dying from cancer very young she was given weed 2 smoke during Chemo IT helped She never was a POT HEAD or druggie or drunk She never was on welfare or even knew what a food stamp looked like or her selfmade CEO husband Stop believeing propagnda REEFER MADNESS is a joke&freaky funny btw Scientific fact Medical marijauana works Booze kills more people than any drug The truck that hit me the guy had empty beer cans nuff said dont ASUME all people who___are____but I bet ur a Right winger fool Hadda say it! O MY GUNS!
Dios Thunders January 31, 2013 at 02:06 PM
Yes I asumed Ken about U & what ur policitcal opinions were only based on ur inate dumbell rantings So will "those"people" B able 2 use FOOD STAMPS @ Pathmark U know "THOSE" people u reefer 2 the dishonest lazy ones As far as going out & helping someone what do U do on a regualr basis 2 help? Legalizing it gets rid of the crimminal element & cleans out jails lives ruined over having been caught w/ a joint by a collar chaising cop who should b going after REAL criminals thieves rapists violent offenders (often many who where drunk when they beat there wives and nieghbors) Also the tax & income revenue would really bring in needed $$$ 2 the state Avoid Portugal all drugs R legal crime rate from drugs next 2 none 2 YES they have rehab I think ALOT of script abuse & deaths from it would go down dramatically People like to get high KEN they do always have So better they smoke pot @ home laugh eat a box of fig newtons & fall aleep U really think half of society would B stoned & the others on a contact high Yep a big mushroom cloud hovers over NY so everyones high & Greatfull Dead & RAP music will be played over all stores speakers & in the streets KEN UR REDICULIOUS! watch out 4 those guns hopefully there locked up & not assault weapons & R unloaded R U still upset Romney Lost,GET OVER IT! Cumo will get this doneThis is NYC capitol of the world & we dont have medical Marijuana? Rediculous!Makes no sense AT ALL!Read up on its medical benifts Ken then read about booze's damage
Dios Thunders January 31, 2013 at 02:16 PM
OH please come on lunch and pot smoking brake's at work? WEAK and rediculous comment How about Beer & lunch brakes, OH thats okay..drinkings cool possible senario I'll have a turkey on rye with swiss 2 meetball subs 2 burgers w/ fries & 2 pk's of Beer for da guys,& a once of Weed, yes pre-rolled thank you and a 8 martinis to go shaken not stirred ( for the boss of course) Yup Were building a plane! YEA!!!
Dios Thunders January 31, 2013 at 02:23 PM
Fear not Brady soon Bloomie will be gone NOT soon enuff 4 me though and YOU know at his FABULOUS town house parties he gives/gave theres pot smoking and coke snorting going on. He once spent 5 million on a party with a theme dress code Cowboys Cowgirls..and no one had a leaf on them there OH PLEASE only cow boy type grub and moonshine was served!No LOCO weed :-)


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