Updated: Lots of Snow, But So Far, Few Hassles

Trains, buses running normally, schools open.

Updated at 2:30 p.m.:

Prospect Heights got hit with about 8 inches of snow, but other than a slippery walk to the train, so far there seem to be few other problems -- the silver lining for many residents wondering if they were in for a repeat of the December 26 snow storm that left streets unplowed for days and public transportation interrupted.

But luckily, subways and buses are running on a normal schedule, with any delays being non-weather related (check the MTA's web site for the most current information). Public schools are open today, to the chagrin of local students looking for a day to spend sledding in the park. Also, every street has been plowed at least once in the neighborhood (we spotted two plows down Vanderbilt Avenue within minutes of each other).

So far, residents think that the way the City has handled the snow this time around (as opposed to ) has been a big improvement. If not completely cleared, most streets are passable, and many sidewalks have been shoveled and salted (or at least trudged through enough to make them treadable).

“(The snow) was handled so much better than the last time,” said Amy Egashira, walking her dog down Sterling Place before heading to work. She was relieved to hear that the Q was running normally (with a few inevitable delays).

“At least it’s running this time!” she said. The last snow storm took the B and Q lines out of commission completely for about two days.

Acme Pet Food, Inc. owner Tom Kurahara was out on Vanderbilt Avenue, shoveling the sidewalk in front of his store after having cleared out the driveway at his home in Kensington earlier this morning.

“(The streets) are a lot cleaner and it’s only the day after,” he said with relief. He noted that during the last storm, it was four days before his street in Kensington even saw a plow.

The mayor had declared a snow emergency ending a little before noon, meaning you're not supposed to drive unless it's absolutely necessary. If you get stuck and abandon your car, it will be towed at your expense, .

According to the Mayor's office Twitter feed, 311 experienced their busiest hour ever this morning -- from 6 to 7 a.m., they handled 45,000 calls, mostly parents inquiring about school closings.

Keep in mind that has been suspended until at least Thursday, for snow removal.

If there is any more snow tonight, there will be no significant accumulation.

So, put on your boots, and enjoy the snow. If you're fortunate enough to be off today, head to Prospect Park's Tennis House for the best sledding.

If you take some good photos, upload them here!


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