Judge Blocks $260M In Cuts from DOE Budget: Report

City law officials say they are considering legal options in response to ruling.

A judge ruled Tuesday that city officials should not cut $260 million from the Department of Education’s budget despite the agency’s failure to reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation system with the teachers’ union, NY 1 reported.

The funds had been withheld by the state as a penalty after the city and the United Federation of Teachers were unable to agree on an evaluation system.

But a lawsuit was brought against the state and, then, the city, after Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to begin cutting services.

An injunction currently prevents the cuts until April 2, when city officials are scheduled to appear in court, NY 1 reported.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said last month that he would introduce a bill that would allow State Education Commissioner John King to have a new teacher evaluation system developed by June – and in operation by September - if the city were unable to reach an agreement with the union.

City law officials told NY 1 they were considering legal options in response to the judge’s order not to cut the DOE’s budget.


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