Gov. Cuomo Readies to Take Over Teacher Evaluation Negotiations

Unless an agreement is reached between the City and the UFT soon, the governor plans to empower the state Education Department to act as a key arbitrator

"A deadline is a deadline," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo, regarding the failed negotiations between New York City and the United Federation of Teachers over a teacher evaluation plan.

And since the two quarreling parties have been unable to reach an agreement – already costing the city's school system about $240 million – the governor on Wednesday vowed to sign a new law empowering the state Education Department to act as an arbitrator, unless an agreement is reached, reported The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to sacrificing state money, the city could be at risk for losing hundreds of millions in federal funding.

Although Cuomo has reassured both parties his respect for collective bargaining and says he would prefer that the city and the union reach a negotiated settlement on their own, he says that he is prepared to give State officials the ability to impose their own job evaluation system on New York City's teachers.

"This is truly an extraordinary circumstance," he said. "The impasse must be resolved."


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