Local Pol Seeks Residents to Help Draft Legislation

Prospect Heights District Leader starts Community Legislative Task Force to create potential legislation to be submitted to Albany for consideration.


A local politician has started a grassroots initiative to give residents more of a say in the legislation that affects Prospect Heights. 

The Community Legislative Task Force, "will be a formula in which the way our neighborhoods could be represented through legislation," said Renee Collymore in a written statement Tuesday. Collymore was elected female Democratic leader of Brooklyn's 57th Assembly District in November, replacing Olanike Alabi. 

The District Leader will bring on a number of constituents from the 57th Assembly District to create potential legislation to be submitted to the District's Assemblyman Walter Mosley for serious consideration. 

"This is a wonderful opportunity to help encourage, average folks, like us, to take part in the way laws are written as it pertains to our local communities," Collymore said. "What better way can we express our needs, but by neighbors, coming together, to write down what we would appreciate as a governing piece of legislation?" 

Collymore is searching for community members who have an interest in joining the task force, including senior citizens, business owners who reside in the community, leaders of religious institutions, college students, home owners and tenants.

"This gives our district a chance to have their ideas heard on a higher level as it will create a closer, working, relationship between residents and the new Assembly Member," Collymore said.


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