Cuomo Vows Tougher Gun Laws in New York

The governor said recently that gun violence has "reached an undeniable point."

Gov. Cuomo has vowed to pass new state laws to crack down on gun violence in New York, following the shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado, says the New York Post.

“The gun violence has reached an undeniable point,” Cuomo told the paper. “It’s hard for anyone to refute the damage that’s being done.

Cuomo has come out in support of a new micro-stamping law, requiring the use of laser technology to identify shell casings fired by semiautomatic weapons.

In June, the bill passed the Democratic-run Assembly, but was blocked in the Republican-led state Senate, though Cuomo said he will try to come up with a “consensus package.”

Mayor Bloomberg stands behind micro-stamping as well, but gun-rights advocates say there is no need for tougher laws in New York.

“New York already has the toughest gun laws in the nation — and clearly, as evidenced in New York City, they are not working,” NYS Rifle & Pistol Association President Tom King told the Post.

arugula August 08, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Let's please get some things straight, Dudley-- I believe we needed guns to free and later protect us from the 1% (UK monarchy) of that time just as I believe the 2nd amendment is all about our being able to protect ourselves from the re-imergance of rule by wealth, kings and military oligarchs taking away our constitution and our freedoms. I love guns and I was married to a hunter who assisted out budget with fresh meat as many Americans do. With a truck garden, delivering firewood we chopped on the side and some hunting and fishing you can live on small amounts of money and still be happy and be free!!! I am no kid and I use the language of young people simply because I work with them and I get a lot of word usage from them and my grandchildren who are not babies either. I counseled vets for many years and knew people working in the fields of defense and know some prize-wiining journalists who were in war zones and knew about other things the general public doesn't know. Don't think you can actually dispel what I know because you don't like my phrasing of what you don't want to hear..
arugula August 08, 2012 at 10:00 PM
I was in NYC on 9/11 and I promise you that hundreds people - and first responders- EMT, firemen, police- (nobody ever says it, but EMT are always the first responders in a crisis and they are the one who have to scrape the mangled off the pavement and work to keep them alive,, they do an heroic job and the credit always goes to the also courageous police and firemen... you never heard about special funds or college money set aside for for the kids and amilies of dead or sick EMT first responders- just wanted to tell people) heard and saw things that give the LIE to the official story. Just because I use current terms to label who I am talking about (the wealthiest) does not make what I say crap or untrue Just because I don't use YOUR terminology. .. give it a break. The NRA is the domestic representative of an arms industry coiled around the globe. It is connected to things many Americans cannot bear to know.. I used to be more innocent too...
arugula August 08, 2012 at 10:06 PM
I didn't mean to speak like I was talking AT new yorkers... I just find myself confronted with people who were not here and swallow the most obvious lies the Gov't tells... I am kinda zeroed in on Dudley who tried to minimize me by mislabeliong me and what I was saying. You don't HAVE to believe me.. but a little courtesy would be good. You learn a LOT from vets ...... especially if you are listening to what so many of them are trying to tell us now.....
Ladydi69126 August 09, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Bloomberg could give a Rats behind. He is just worried about bike lanes, women not feeding kids formula and 32 oz sodas. he needs to go now Lets see what Como can accomplish besides closing prisons
Sara August 09, 2012 at 05:26 PM
I get the argument that it's people that kill people not guns, but I gotta say that it's a whole lot harder to kill someone if you don't have a gun. And it should be near impossible to get one. There is no reason why civilians need them. None. ESPECIALLY automated weapons that are always used in shootings...


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