Bloomberg's Super PAC Wins Big Across Country

The mayor's super PAC, aimed at backing centrist candidates and causes like gun control and marriage equality, celebrated 19 victories on Election Day.

This election, 19 candidates and causes across the country backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed victory, helped along by the billionaire's very own super PAC, Independence USA, according to the New York Daily News

Only 7 of the candidates and causes backed by the mayor lost on Tuesday.

“That’s a pretty solid record, considering this is the first foray in a major way of this PAC,” spokesman Stefan Friedman said.

The PAC claimed victory against the NRA in California, spending $3 million to help Gloria Negrete McLeod get elected to Congress. Before Independence USA’s involvement, McLeod was only polling at 30 percent, according to the Daily News.

The group also helped former New York Rep. Dan Maffei regain the seat he lost to a Republican opponent two years ago, and helped Kathleen Kane become the first woman Attorney General in Pennsylvania history.

Mayor Bloomberg personally put $750,000 behind pro-marriage equality positions in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington – and marriage equality won out in some capacity in all four states.

Though Bloomberg himself is prohibited from giving more than a few thousand dollars to any one candidate, a super PAC has no fundraising and spending limitations. The mayor chose Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson to spearhead the group.


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