Bloomberg Hails Barclays Center as Job-Creating Engine in 'State of City' Address

School reform also highlighted in Mayor's speech.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed  and Brooklyn's waterfront as engines for economic growth and good-paying jobs in the borough in his 11th State of the City address Thursday.

“In Brooklyn, more good blue-collar jobs will come to the waterfront both in Sunset Park and at the Navy Yard," Bloomberg said. "We’ll bring new jobs to Coney Island, with new rides and attractions. And we’ll open the new Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards—bringing big league sports back to the borough where they belong."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg also focused on improvements to the city’s school system, including the removal of under-performing teachers, in remarks made at Morris High School in The Bronx.

In his speech, the mayor laid out a five-step plan for enhancing city schools that includes giving raises to highly-rated teachers and paying off their college loans, firing “ineffective” teachers, opening new charter schools, improving college and career preparation courses and making financial aid more available.

“By almost any measure, students are doing better and our school system is heading in the right direction,” Bloomberg said. “Of course, we still have a long way to go. No doubt about that. The education reforms we’ve pioneered over the past decade—no matter what the naysayers say—have been widely adopted by school systems across the nation. But this year, we’ll be putting our foot on the gas and picking up the pace.”

The mayor said he believed the city would attract new teachers to its schools by offering to pay their college loans and raising salaries by $20,000 per year for instructors who are rated “highly effective” for two consecutive years.

He also vowed that teachers who are consistently given low ratings would be fired.

“This year, we’ll do more to make sure every classroom has an effective teacher and to remove those who don’t make the grade,” he said. “We need to be able to identify those ineffective teachers and give them the support they need to grow. And if that doesn’t work, we need to be able to move them out.”

The mayor said he could remove up to half of the teachers at failing city schools that are in danger of losing nearly $60 million in federal funds if an agreement is not reached with the United Federation of Teachers on evaluations.

Bloomberg touted the creation of charter schools and said the Department of Education would phase out 25 city schools and open smaller ones in their buildings in 2012. A total 100 new schools, including 50 charters, will be opened during the next two years, the mayor said. 

During his speech, Bloomberg cited a plan to create a five-borough taxi service, the passage of the state Legislature’s , balancing the city’s budget and opening the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero in time for the  as 2011’s triumphs.

Norman Oder January 13, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Actually, he didn't hail Atlantic Yards as a job-creating engine at all. Just look again at his speech. He talked about Coney and AY after this lead-in: "In every borough in 2012, we’ll bring new jobs on line and make investments that will attract more visitors." More here: http://atlanticyardsreport.blogspot.com/2012/01/bloomberg-in-state-of-city-address-says.html


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