What Are You Doing For The Holidays?

Whether traveling or staying at home, with friends or family, residents of Prospect Heights expect to have a happy holiday.

The holidays were meant for spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones – or avoiding them all together to do your own thing. We took to the streets of Prospect Heights to see what you were up to this weekend.

"We're going to visit family in Florida," said Heights resident Jennifer Ludovici, on the way to Underhill playground with son Gus, 2. They plan to do a "Secret Santa" exchange among the adult, and of course, pile the presents on the kids.

"It's a little warmer there, but not the sunny haven everyone thinks," she added, noting that the temperatures are only reaching about 50 degrees down there.

Susan Heske, out walking her dog Kika, said she will also be traveling to see family for the holiday.

"We're going to North Carolina. Road trip!" she said, noting that Kika was, of course, coming too.

"It's cliché, but we're going to the mall on Christmas Eve. Some folks are U.N.C. Tarheel fans, so we're going shopping for some gear."

Jesse Monterro, in the lobby of , said he was also going away to visit family. "I'm seeing my parents, they're in the Hudson Valley. Usually I go to my in-laws," he said.

But not everyone is going away. We found plenty of people who were going to enjoy their Christmas at home in Prospect Heights.

Rakisha White, at the library picking up books on the Nativity, said she was staying at home and cooking a big one-pot dinner for her family: warm beef stew.

"Our friends and family drop in. My daughters will make gingerbread houses and we'll probably all play games on the Wii," she said.

"It's more about the kids now, whatever they want to do," she added.

Stephanie Stickle, a barista at Glass Shop, was actually staying in Prospect Heights for the holidays to escape her family.

"I'm just having dinner with friends. It's my third Christmas away from home. I kind of enjoy it, actually. My roommate and I got a tiny Christmas tree. We'll probably eat pizza or pita and hummus."

Jermaine Wallace, who works at on Washington Street, is also staying in the neighborhood with his family over the weekend and saving the travel for later.

"We have a big family dinner, at least 50 people," he said. "After that I'm going to Seattle for New Years."

"Christmas came up real fast," he added. "I don't think I even digested from Thanksgiving yet!"


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