Dangerous Dog and Dog Owner

A dangerous dog and his owner have been causing damage and pain in the neighborhood. The man's pitbull (large, brown, unaltered male) is vicious and regularly attacks other dogs in Prospect Park and Mt. Prospect. The man lets his dog go off-leash and even seems to encourage his dog to attack others.

The particularly insane thing is that, after his dog attacks another, the man himself joins in in attacking the victimized dog. He beats them with his cane, stabs them with his ice pick, and restrains them so his dog can inflict maximum damage while the others can't defend themselves.

Just a matter of time before someone's dog dies because of this guy and his dog, or he attacks other people. The NYPD are trying to catch the guy. If seen in a park, please call the Parks Enforcement Patrol 718-437-1350. Email any pertinent info to prospectparkdogfriends@gmail.com.

The attached flyer is being posted around the parks. Please feel free to share. Guy needs to be stopped ASAP. 

Thanks for your time.

Leslie Jenkins August 04, 2013 at 03:57 PM
About a year ago behind PS 282 in Park Slope, a pitbull attacked my dog. It was beige and white. The dog was OFF LEASH in a playground. Luckily I saw the dog coming and lifted my dog, all 28 lbs of her, off the ground by her harness. The pitbull took a flying leap and locked on her abdomen as I was up on my tiptoes trying to hold her out of reach over my head. The pitbull pulled her out of the harness and went for the jugular. I tried to grab the dog off her, but could not get a hold on the tight muscular body of the pitbull. My dog took off from under her. Result: no action by the police because I was not hurt ("it's a civil matter"), and a $1,200 vet bill for me and Post traumatic stress syndrome for my dog around certain big dogs when she takes a walk. I never managed a civil suit against the owner because I had taken off after my terrified injured dog, and when confronted, the owners denied it was their dog. The whole incident was less than a minute in length. My little dog still suffers from the trauma.
Kimberly Handle August 05, 2013 at 06:52 AM
This dog and owner are also responsible for the death of a small dog which was onleash about 6 weeks ago. He has also been seen in western Crown Heights on EP and in Dr. Ronald McNair Park.
Robert Kukulski Jr. August 05, 2013 at 10:16 PM
"The friend filed a police report. A few weeks later, he saw the dog owner in the park and was able to point him out to cops. But the cops referred him to the 78th Precinct and did not pursue the owner. " THE NYPD is such a joke
Charmaine November 01, 2013 at 01:13 PM
I recently saw this man walking a dog, with his cane on Eastern Parkway. The dog is terrifying. My dog was terrified so I picked him up but the this guy paid no regard for the fact that we were walking away from him but followed us and asked me if my dog if was a boy. I will take photos next time he is wondering the streets.


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