Aggie, Prospect Park Zoo's Dexter Cow, Passes Away

She lived a rich 18 years before passing of old age.

Agatha, or "Aggie," the Dexter cow, at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s recently died at the age of 18. The cause of death was simply old age.

According to the zoo, Dexter cows live an average of 15-20 years.

Aggie was born in May of 1993. For the past 18 years, she lived in the Barnyard at Prospect Park Zoo next to alpacas, sheep, and miniature horses.

From the zoo's press release detailing Aggie's death, she was a popular cow and will be missed:

She frequently received letters from admirers in her “moo box.”

“You are beautiful and I would never want to eat you,” wrote one young fan. Another wrote, “Dearest Agatha you are the color to my rainbow…”

“Aggie will be greatly missed,” said Denise McClean, Director of the Prospect Park Zoo. “People grew up visiting her and came back to the zoo to see her through the years. She had a big personality and loved the attention. ”


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