5 Things: Country Music at Branded and Indie Rock at Way Station

Prospect Heights-area information and events you won't want to miss.


1. Soda scare: Bloomberg's soda ban was struck down on Monday by the state Surpreme Court, meaning Dunkin' Donuts posted all those signs for naught. What do you think—are you happy to see the infamous Soda Ban nixed, or did you rather like the idea?

2. Hit the bars. Drink your 20-ounce sugary soda in good company: there's Karaoke @ Janelles, Comedy at Eve's, Trivia at Bar Sepia and Bingo at Branded Saloon. All free. 

3. Hear some music. If you're looking for music tonight, there's the Country Music Tribute w/ Gerard & Viva @ Branded Saloon and indie rock followed by blues/rock with Aaron Jones + Ace Carlson + Rivergazer @ The Way Station.

4. Take a walk: Celebrate St. Patty's Day at Green-Wood Cemetery. The Eminent Irish of Green-Wood walking tour takes guests on a fact-filled journey across the cemetery's storied grounds, past the graves of such notable residents as copper magnate Marcus Daly,  India Ink manufacturer and American patriot Charles Higgins and one-armed Civil War General Thomas Sweeney. Click here for tickets and more information.

5. Move your car: Alternate side parking is in effect today.


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