Observing a tragic anniversary; electing a quality judge; reading a new author's new book

District Leader Chris Owens comments on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the 9/13 Democratic Primary, and Major Owens' new book.


  • The 10th Anniversary of 9/11
  • Democratic Primary on Tuesday, 9/13 - Elect Judge Cheryl Gonzales to Civil Court  (Click here for voting information)
  • The Debut of a New Author: A Book Party on 9/15 - Major Owens' "The Peacock Elite"

    Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    So much has already been said about the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, that I hesitate to add to the many words and feelings. 

    I will simply say this:


To those who lost dear ones, know that all people who love and respect humanity share your pain and support you. 

To those whose bravery, known or unknown, made the world a better place on a terrible day, we all treasure you and thank you wherever you are.

To those who suffer today, physically or psychologically, from the horrific experience, know that we stand with you as you make it through each day to a better tomorrow.

To those who exploit hatred, know that we reject you and your philosophy -- you will never triumph.

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As we continue to live our lives, we confront the need for justice at the highest levels of government and in every household.  This year, we have witnessed revolutions erupting from the denial of justice in other political systems.  Here in Brooklyn, however, we tolerate the treatment of justice as a commodity.  The election of local judges is controversial, at best.  The management of these elections in Brooklyn is outrageous, at best.

The Civil Court is an important tool for the people's justice.  All sorts of cases are heard by Civil Court judges.  In addition, many judges from Civil Court are rotated through Criminal Court as well, due to the shortage of judges.  Our jurists need to be extremely intelligent, very experienced, unquestionably ethical and diligent.  This year, Judge Cheryl Gonzales is the only candidate for Civil Court -- a countywide position -- who fulfills the criteria. 

You have the chance to vote for Judge Cheryl Gonzales this coming Tuesday, September 13th in the Democratic Primary Election.  The polls will be open from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Congressman Major Owens recently said that "Judge Cheryl Gonzales has a strong and varied background of legal service, including an excellent tenure as a Housing Court judge.  Judge Gonzales is from Brooklyn's communities and has been involved with community work for many years.  And, last but not least, Judge Gonzales has been found to be qualified and she has run an honorable campaign for this important position."

Judge Cheryl Gonzales has earned support across the political spectrum -- from The New York Times to City Councilman Charles Barron, from The New York Amsterdam News to New York State Assemblymembers Joan Millman, Rhoda Jacobs and Jim Brennan, from Major and Chris Owens to Una and Yvette Clarke, and more ...   Despite this track record of excellence and support, Brooklyn's Democratic County Leader is backing an attorney with less experience and real ethical challenges.  Once again, we Democrats have to stand up for the integrity of our judiciary -- and our political name -- by voting for an independent Judge Gonzales.

The Amsterdam News said "Cheryl Gonzales currently holds the appointed position of judge in the Housing Court of the City of New York. She has spent over 20 years in the court as a judge and a court attorney. Gonzales has seen the way courts in New York work and is committed to being an independent and responsible jurist...   [W]e wholeheartedly endorse Cheryl Gonzales for civil court judge in the county of Kings."

The New York Times, in supporting Ms. Gonzales' candidacy, stated that "Cheryl Gonzales, a Housing Court judge, is ready for elevation, having done a responsible job during her six years on the bench. She is the clear choice over Sharen Hudson, a court attorney at the Red Hook Community Justice Center, who has shown troubling inattention to timely filing of required campaign financial disclosure statements."  

Just today (Saturday), The New York Daily News endorsed Judge Cheryl Gonzales.  "The Brooklyn contest is for a boroughwide judgeship. Here, the pick is Cheryl Gonzales, who has gained experience as a Housing Court judge and previously served as a judicial clerk in the state Supreme and Civil courts.  Rival Sharen Hudson, a court attorney, is hampered by her failures to properly document campaign spending, as required by law, and to complete the ethics training that is mandatory for judicial candidates within 30 days of the beginning of a campaign."

As Congressman Owens said, "It is an outrage and an insult that, once again, the Democratic County Leader is so power hungry and short-sighted that he and his minions oppose this honest and deserving candidate for Civil Court.  This may be a low-turnout Primary election, but I hope that every Democrat in Brooklyn will come out and elect Judge Cheryl Gonzales to the Civil Court.  She deserves to be elected and we deserve to have her serve us."

As a Democratic State Committee member, I am personally saddened by the muddled financial filings and misleading political literature associated with the other candidate.  As a veteran of many campaigns, I believe it is fair to say that we campaign as we may govern.  You and I cannot allow Judge Cheryl Gonzalez to be denied an appropriate position that will benefit all of us, when the opponent and her supporters clearly care more about winning votes than judicial integrity.  Join me in voting for Judge Gonzales on Tuesday, September 13th in the Democratic Primary.

P.S. -- If you live in the 54th Assembly District, you also have a Special Election taking place for New York State Assembly.  I hope you vote for Jesus Gonzalez.  If you live in the 9th Congressional District, formerly represented by Anthony Weiner, you have a Special Election taking place for the U.S. House of Representatives.  I hope you vote for David Weprin, the Democrat, and stop Tea Party front man Bob Turner.

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And speaking of integrity ...    The clamor for civility in Washington, DC has masked other problems facing the Democratic Party, in particular.  According to now retired Congressman Major Owens, there is a leadership crisis at the Federal level in the Black community that requires examination.  Congressman Owens' new book, The Peacock Elite:  A Case Study of The Congressional Black Caucus, will be autographed by the author and presented at a book party next Thursday, September 15th, 6 pm - 9 pm, at Medgar Evers College.  For more information, contact Ms. Katie Davis @ 718-638-8292  The event is posted on Facebook.

The Peacock Elite is available for purchase ($30 hardcover; $20 paperback) at Daddy's Basement Bookstore, 327 Rogers Avenue & Montgomery Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn - http://daddysbasement.com/ - and at The Community Book Store, 143 7th Avenue between Carroll and Garfield Streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn - http://communitybookstore.net/information/

In addition, you can reserve a copy of The Peacock Elite via mail at communovations@gmail.com and by sending a check to Communovations LLC, 316 State Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Please note that Congressman Owens will also be a guest panelist at the now nationally famous Brooklyn Book Fair on Sunday, September 18 in Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Feel free to share this email with your friends.

Again, peace be with you during this difficult weekend ...


Chris Owens

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