Black Friday and Holiday Sales in Brooklyn

Major stores in the borough are having big sales, and some are opening at midnight on Friday morning.

Black Friday is upon us, and Brooklyn major appliance and retail stores are gearing up.

But there are major sales going on today, too.

P.C. Richard and Son is hosting an employee pricing sale through Wednesday, and everything in the store is marked down, some items even more so than they will be on Friday.

Target and Best Buy, located at Atlantic Terminal Mall and Atlantic Center, are also holding sales through Wednesday. Target's "4-day sale" with "Black Friday-like deals" ends Wednesday. Best Buy is promoting "Deals of the Day" leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Black Friday:

Target, Atlantic Terminal Mall, 718-290-1109:

Opening at midnight on Friday morning/ Thursday night. Sales not yet announced!

Best Buy, Atlantic Center, 718-230-7480

Opening at midnight on Friday morning/ Thursday night. Most in-store sales are still unannounced, but some "Doorbuster Specials" have been advertised including:

Sharp 42" LCD HDTV: $499

Toshiba WIFI ready Blu-Ray Player: $79.99

P.C. Richard and Son, 590 Atlantic Ave., 718-399-6500

Opening at 5 a.m. Friday morning, though an employee said they just might open a bit earlier than that. Some major items, not yet announced, will see huge price cuts. An employee says 55-60 inch tv's will likely be discounted, as will home theater's, and some laptops and electronics.

Even if an item on sale is sold out at the store, P.C. Richard and Son will charge the same price for a later pick-up of the item.


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