Food Trucks Now Weekly at Prospect Park's Parade Grounds

For those who find once a month is not enough, there are now trucks every Saturday and Sunday.

Prospect Park has expanded its popular Grand Army Plaza Food Truck Rally, bringing in about four trucks every Saturday on Grand Army Plaza through Nov. 24, and both weekend days at the Parade Grounds through Nov. 17. 

At this newest location, there will be a rotating roster of the eateries listed below. So why not reward yourself at the half-lap mark, or celebrate a little league game well played before heading back home.  

Gorilla Cheese NYC: This is not your corner diner's grilled cheese. Would the corner diner offer patrons a sandwich filled with triple cream Brie with prosciutto di Parma & strawberry preserves on French bread? No. But this truck does. 

Kimchi Taco Truck: A fixture at the Grand Army Plaza food truck rallies, the Kimchi Taco Truck offers a comparatively healthy selection of food, like a tofu edamame falafel or grilled Korean bbq short ribs served with red cabbage and pear kimchi coleslaw in an all-natural tortilla. 

Mud Truck: Coffee? From a truck? No. (Yes.) This mobile caffeine dispenser is something of a trendsetter in the food truck community, distributing its wares on Astor Place since the heady days of 2000. Get everything you'd normally get in a cafe, without all the mouth-breathing laptop dwellers. 

Snap Truck: Locally-sourced burgers and hot dogs. For your culinarily hesitant friend who is still afraid of the Kimchi tacos. 

Toum Truck: More reminiscent of your standard street food, Toum Truck dishes out everything from falafel to chicken shawarma to makanek, Lebanese beef sausage mixed with pine nuts and serve in lemon sauce. Add a side of grape leaves and hummus to your order and dig in. 

The trucks will be parked at the Parade Grounds between fields 4 and 5, and will open their windows at 8 a.m. and close up shop at 5 p.m.


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