Bar Corvo Wins Praise for Inventive Cocktails

The Washington Avenue restaurant is highlighted for their inventive cocktails and small plates.

, the Washington Avenue dining spot by the folks behind Park Slope’s , recently won some praise from the Wall Street Journal (paywall) for their cocktails and small plates.

The Journal’s reviewer gushed about their well-made Negroni ($9), a traditional Italian cocktail made with gin, Campari liqueur and vermouth – a tricky combination of ingredients that can easily make or break the drink.

Mention is also made of Bar Corvo’s Manhattan ($9), with the addition of a unique Italian vermouth called Punt e Mes, as well as the Cocchi Martini ($9), the restaurant’s own invention, which mixes the Italian version of Lillet to gin. And if the Journal is to be believed, the Aperol Spritz ($9), with orange liquor, prosecco and citrus, will whisk your mind off to “bocce games in shirt sleeves on a summer afternoon in the Riviera.”

Patch loved their fried spicy chickpeas, as well as the grilled calamari salad, roast chicken, swiss chard gratin, and fave e ciccoria , but the Journal says not to miss out on the warm faro salad with roasted cauliflower ($9) and the chard and ricotta-stuffed malfatti ($14).

By the end of spring, the article says that tables will be added to the backyard for outdoor drinking and noshing.


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