Bar Corvo a Neighborhood Gem, Says the NYT

Though it will always endure comparisons to Al di Là, Bar Corvo deserves a spot among Brooklyn's best culinary offerings, a New York Times food critic found.

Though , the New York Times has finally made their way over to Bar Corvo—finding the restaurant the “sleek, almost studied” counterpart to big sister Al di Là in Park Slope.

The paper calls some of the dishes a slightly cheaper reprise of “Al di Là’s greatest hits,” like the Chitarra neri (squid-ink pasta with octopus, tomatoes and mint—) and the faro salad with peas, almonds and ricotta salata. The Times also loved the orange confit with calamari, fried capers with cailiflower and the pork chop with horseradish (the same chops that recently ).

According to the review, though, less great dishes were the duck-leg confit (too dry) and the tagliatelle al ragù (“immobilized by cheese,” says the article).

The Times also takes issue with the way that Bar Corvo seems to play it safer than Al di Là when it comes to inventive dishes—there is no tripe, rabbit or calf liver on the menu as of yet.

And while the Times calls the original restaurant “cozily shabby,” Bar Corvo is described as “handsome, in that Brooklyn skinny-jeans-and-trilby way,” with industrial lamps and salvaged-wood tables versus the old wallpaper and mismatched china of Al di Là.

In the end, they hesitate to call it a destination restaurant quite yet, but the Times does say it’s the type of restaurant that everyone wants in their neighborhood—lucky for us, it’s in ours.


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