Photo Gallery: Prospect Heights Murals Tell Unique Stories

A look at our outdoor themed wall paintings.

Whether walking, biking or driving around Prospect Heights you're sure to spot large colorful hand painted street murals painted on brick walls and metal doors that punctuate the nabe.

Diverse themes are portrayed yet all are boldly painted and infused with enthusiasm for their individual subject matter. Most were created in the previous decade by residents of the community in collaboration with such organizations as Groundswell, the , the Washington Avenue Prospect Heights Association and .

The credits listing the sponsors and artists are often included alongside the illustrations. Others that were not part of the yearly group projects serve as advertisements for a store or restaurant or just to decorate an outdoor wall surface in a whimsical way. Each has a unique story to tell and although weathered from the elements they are  still quite striking in their colorations and imagery that they can't be missed.

Perhaps you've lived in the area for a number of years and can recall when they were being created. Maybe you were one of the young inspiring artists who participated with a team of painters. Let us know your impressions of these paintings.


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