Photo of the Day: What Do You Know About Newark?

This memorable sign has a mystery past

"Newark will see it through," reads the sign in the Newark Library's Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center. The Center is full-to-bursting with photos, microfilm, even old-time phone books that tell the story of the state's past.  However, no one knows the source or date for the print pictured here.

Any info? Ideas about era? Was this political or just a popular slogan? Tell us in the comments or email: MarciaW@Patch.com


Jared Kofsky December 14, 2012 at 02:54 AM
There appear to have been dozens of these made for cities around the NY/NJ area such as East Orange, Troy and Queens by Lutz & Sheinkman, a poster making company. They were made during World War I to support the war effort. Some posters for other cities are here: http://hoohila.stanford.edu/poster/subjectView.php?indexTermID=14233&page=41 This poster is here: http://hoohila.stanford.edu/poster/view_subject.php?posterID=US+5739


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