Nobody in New York Pays More For Auto Insurance Than Brooklynites

Brooklynites paying 50-percent more for car insurance than Manhattan.

Do you feel like you're paying more than everyone else for car insurance? Well, you're probably right.

According to a study by Consumer finance site NerdWallet, Brooklyn is the most expensive county for car insurance in New York by a solid margin. The study estimates the average annual premium for Brooklynites at $3,550.47. The second most expensive county is the Bronx with a premium of $3,022.40.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, they are paying an average annual premium of just $2,272.80. Out of all of Brooklyn, those in Brownsville and all in the 11212 zip code are paying the most at $3,712.89.

Readers can search for how expensive their area is by zip code here. 


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