Hundreds Gather At Barclays To Protest Animal Abuse

Groups, including Animal Defenders International, and families marched around the entertainment venue on Wednesday evening urging residents to boycott Ringling Bros.

Hundreds of animal rights activists gathered at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Wednesday evening to protest the 12 days of performances by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, kicking off that night.

The diverse crowd ranged from Animal Defenders International veterans to fathers with their daughters to a group of young ballet dancers—all marching around the Atlantic Avenue promenade calling for an end to alleged animal abuses.

"Hey hey! Ho ho! These whips and chains have got to go," chanted the young ballet dancers, who were draped in a gigantic, grey plastic chain and wearing brightly colored tutus. They had come with their ballet instructor, parents and a young male friend who had helped to paint signs stating "Circuses are tutu cruel."

Richard Rollison shouted out animal death statistics as he walked with his 10-year-old daughter Jude, who carried a homemade collage bringing attention to the poor treatmant of elephants by trainers.

"Imagine the terror that a baby elephant feels when taken from his mother and tied in ropes ..." began postcards dispensed with the headline "Built to Enslave!"

Other activists were quieter, handing out ADI pamphlets near the sidewalk to those walking past.

"I don't want to scare any children who are coming to the circus with their families," said Allison Tray of Trés Belle Petit Medi Spa. But she thought it was positive for those children to see other kids speaking out against animal cruelty.

"The reality of what goes on is very different from the fantasy people have in their minds."

Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 05:14 AM
Talk about paranoid. You are an activist. I'll call you that anytime. You are a bully and I'll call you that anytime. Freedom of Speech, remember.. Get whomever you will involved, you don't think I've been sued by you people before. Ever heard of frivolous lawsuit, yeah, I got one of your groups on those. So go ahead, bring it, bitch. So you guys film us and we're not supposed to take a picture of your car to get license plates numbers for you guys. Interesting that you think you have rights we don't. You accuse me and my people of torturing and abusing animals. So, I'm really confused that you think I'm doing something out of line when you are clearly doing the same to me and the people I am involved with. So, do what you want, you obviously have the time and the "people" on your side. You are what you are..a misinformed, uneducated animal rights (not welfare) activist. I am a circus person who understands, has lived the life and loves animals every bit as the next person. So sue me for it you. ohhhh...I'm scarred now.
Cheryl Semcer March 29, 2013 at 05:26 AM
Let me see if I can say this slower so your brain damaged head can understand it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED AT A PROTEST NOR HAS ANYONE I KNOW BEEN ARRESTED PROTESTING OR HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANIMAL RIGHTS! I DO NOT AFFILIATE WITH ANY ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS AND NEVER HAVE! I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HARMING ANYONE OR PROPERTY TO SUPPORT A CAUSE. You can talk all you want about who is on the top 10 list, yes, that's free speech. Once you affiliate myself or anyone in my group as being someone we might know then you are now maliciously slandering us to make others think we are crazy terrorists. THAT is where we have a serious problem. That is where I draw the line. Go ahead and try and prove I know ANYONE that has been arrested and labeled a terrorist. We will have a great court case against you.
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 05:53 AM
Ohhhh....using the caps now. lmao You accuse me of being affiliated with animal abusers, so guess I'll counter sue. Do you see how stupid you are making yourself look, here. Why don't you quit while you're, well, not ahead, but so as to not make yourself look more stupid than you already have. I can assume anything I like about you, as you do me. I don't believe I stated you know anyone who has been arrested, you are getting a little confused now. Wow, for someone who has no interest in me it's funny how you know all about me and my boyfriend, well, you think you know. And it's Brent, not Bret. You are one whacked out psychotic bitch. Serve me wherever you feel like it. However, my preference is in bed. Take my coffee black, btw. (My lawyers all practice in Bev Hills and will cost you a fortune for counter suit of frivolous lawsuit, but I'm sure you'll raise the money by exploiting real people;s love of animals for it)
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Hmmm, a post that remained on my blackberry that seems to be deleted from here. Interesting. Think I'll share with my attorney tomorrow, see what he and his firm think. Yep, you can ask the AR's out this way who I am and how I react to the threat of being sued. Funny you should delete a post, but, I have it on my BB. Have fun in Brooklyn. Guess I should be expecting you in Cali?
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 07:20 AM
Wow the post showed up, weird. Oh forgot to tell you, thank you for the publicity at The Mint. What makes you think I show up at my boyfriend's shows? I'm not a huge fan of crowded bars and loud music, but, I might be there now that I know I might have the excitement of being served. heheehehee Honey, nothing embarrasses me. I'll be waiting. Hmm, never been called smug before. Kind of like it. Smug, well, I may appear smug to you as you seem low class, but smug, hmmmm.
Cheryl Semcer March 29, 2013 at 05:19 PM
Not a current address. My address can't be found since I live with someone else and my mail goes to po box. Nice try though. At least I posted business addresses for you, you attempted to post a home address. WTF is wrong with you. I don't hide what town I live in, it's all over my lion meat petitions. You just don't know how to do your homework. I decided to take down my comment with addresses in them cause as much as I despise you I realize it is not right to do this in public even if they were only business addresses. I took a screen shot though so I do have it for the record. The major difference here is I posted your business address and you attempted to post my home address. You are walking a slippery slope Alexis. If that was still my home address you could be endangering my family. Make sure you show that post to your lawyer as well. Endangering me and my family is something I'm sure your lawyer will agree is stupid. You better take that address down since there is another family that lives there including children. You are endangering them and that is serious Alexis.
Cheryl Semcer March 29, 2013 at 05:30 PM
You are full of it. Since you said check out how hot (puke) your boyfriend is I checked out his photos too and they are all of you out and about in the Hollywood scene. So your not a fan of crowded bars or loud music? Interesting. Seriously Alexis if you have so many enemies why do you keep your fb page public? Anything I've learned from you I have seen on your fb page, or others that you comment on. Everything I posted including your business address is public information on a public page. You obviously had to dig a little deeper to find my old address and you actually endangered the welfare of the family who lives there now. This is low even for you. When I woke up this morning I realized I should not have put your biz address up as fighting this out in public is not the best way to go. I would never want someone to get hurt if a wacky person used the information improperly. I do have a heart Alexis but you thought nothing of putting kids in jeopardy by listing a home address. If something happens to them I will hold you personally responsible!
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 05:45 PM
Funny, you posted my home address, as I work out of my home, so I guess we are on that slope together. It was wise of you to take it down. I visited with my attorney this morning. You have a frivolous lawsuit, at best. Now, involving my boyfriend an innocent party. That is different. If damages are done to my boyfriends reputation or his business at the Mint t due to your posting, you will be held liable. He makes six figures, so be prepared. Yes, we are well connected in the Hollywood and Bev Hills scene, as are our lawyers. So, unless you want to go toe to toe with people who are far more sophisticated and smarter than yourself (and myself) I'd drop the idea of suing me and to keep my boyfriend's name and business out of this forever. I have no enemies, Cheryl, have no idea what you are talking about. You made a wise move by removing addresses from these posts. We will see what happens at The Mint. My boyfriends best friend is an attorney and he usually shows up to my boyfriends shows, my boyfriend keeps him on a hefty retainer. I thought I'd give you fair warning about what you could put yourself up against. If that is indeed your home address and if indeed children are living there, I will be glad to remove post. But if you are not living there, how have I endangered you. You took no pause in endangering me or my bf (who is hot). Cheryl, I have very good resources. I will use them.
Cheryl Semcer March 29, 2013 at 05:52 PM
I did speak with my attorney this morning and he said in order to sue for slander the slander has to have caused damages to me. So, I have to sit and wait to see if there are any damages from your false statements. EX: If the fbi comes to my house since you have openly accused me of being a terrorist and associating with well known terrorists . I spoke prematurely about suing you for slander since I didn't know the second half of it. However, I'll be waiting to see if anything results and if it does then I will pursue.
Cheryl Semcer March 29, 2013 at 05:54 PM
Alexis, I tired to contact you through pm on fb to ask you to withdraw that families address but I can't connect with you since we are not friends. If you don't take it down I will be forced to go to report this to the police and let them know that you posted the private address of an innocent family in the middle of a heated circus-anti circus debate. They don't deserve this. One of those kids has a life threatening illness and is in treatment. I'm sure they don't really need the cops coming to tell them to watch their backs since their address has been plastered on the internet where dangerous people could have access to it.
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 05:55 PM
You screwed up by doing it first, my dear. Let's remember that. Your slanders, vulgarities, posting of my boyfriends business and name are documented with my lawyers. (He has nothing to do with this and my info is public anyway.) They will proceed as directed should you keep up this silly notion of suing me. My attorney advised me to see what happens at The Mint before I do anything. I certainly would not want to upset an ill child, due to this, I will remove that post. But, again, make no mistake, I have heavy duty resources out here. I am not against using them.
Alexis Kaiser March 29, 2013 at 10:43 PM
God woman, The FBI showing up at your house, really. How delusional are you? How important do you think you are? If they show up at your house, I had nothing to do with it. Gosh, maybe the Animal Control Board will be showing up at mine. You can't be that ignorant or can you? Yes, you spoke very prematurely about suing me. Honey, you don't know the first half of it, let alone the second half. It was not very smart to threaten me. Should the slightest thing go wrong at a public place like the Mint or my boyfriend's reputation, I will be after you like white on rice. Trust me, my lawyers have the clout to make a damages suit stick. So, you best get on some good behavior from here on out. I think I am clear and I hope you understand that now. I don't mess around.
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 01:39 AM
Down girl, heel. You are not such a big shot and we all know it. You can puff yourself up as big as you want but you look ridiculous doing it. If you or your legal team knew anything about the law you would know that you don't have a legal leg to stand on. You can't call it harassment when you go onto a public site and engage in mudslinging and then decide you don't like what they have to say. You were the one calling me a "dumb c&*t" remember that. Your address is listed on a public website so there is nothing illegal in reposting it. Same for your bf's event. It's ALL public. That's not harassment. However, you chose to look up and print something that wasn't public nor accurate. If something happens to your bf's reputation that isn't my fault so don't even try. However, if anyone does something to the family of the address you printed you would be directly responsible. Btw, I never said you were endangering me and family I said "IF" I still lived there you would be. You ARE endangering a family that has nothing to do with this. Also, Alexis I lived in LA for many, many years and I know people in the biz too. Difference is that when you really know powerful people you don't have to brag about it. As far as being on good behavior you should take your own advice. It disgusts me that I sank to your level for a moment but it won't happen again. I'm going back to the issues and the facts. Now run along and play in your sand box like the child you are.
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 01:48 AM
Tonight was another great Ringling Bros protest at Barclays center. Since it is located on city streets neighborhood residents pass by. I've been touched by how many people have come up to us to thank you for what we were doing. More people than ever came up to us to ask us for a leaflet. It was heartwarming to see how many parents actually care. Most of them went in but guaranteed they would look it up and if the info was true they would not be back. That's all we can ask for now. We want people to go in with the tix they already bought and see the stiffness and lameness of the elephants. The people who want to see the truth will see those animals are suffering. We will continue to educate one family at a time until this ends. Thank you Brooklyn! You are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. :-)
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 01:54 AM
Taking a photo of a person in public is completely different than photographing license plates. Why would they need to know where are cars are registered to? It really doesn't bother me as I never drive my own car for that exact reason. I've seen them taking photos of my friends car before as she drove away. All this says is the circus knows we are making a difference and they are scared.
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 01:57 AM
smug /sməg/ Adjective Having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements. Synonyms self-satisfied - complacent - conceited Nothing wrong with being proud of ones accomplishments but being as cocky as you is repulsive.
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 02:02 AM
Doesn't matter if you work out of home. If you don't want it public then don't put it on a public website. Your dumbness never ceases to amaze me. If you were seriously worried about an activist coming to bother you why would you admit your business address is your home address? You are not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 02:12 AM
I'm not delusional at all. You accused me of knowing terrorists possibly one on the most wanted list at that. My attorney is the one who told me the FBI could show up since you posted that info on a public site. Since it isn't true, I'm not worried about it. Why would the ACB show up at your house? No one has accused you personally of animal abuse but rather supporting it. Now who thinks they are so important. I didn't threaten you in the slightest so good luck with that one. As far as something happening at a public event. Anything could happen in public. If I was going to do something to you or your boyfriend I certainly wouldn't be on here going back and forth with you. I'm not that stupid. I'm human and can admit when I am wrong and yes it was premature to say I would sue without knowing the exact details of slander lawsuits. But, now that I do know how it works I will be keeping an eye open for how your slander effects me. Just so you know, I don't mess around either. Am I being clear enough for you?
Cheryl Semcer March 30, 2013 at 02:16 AM
You might want to read this: "slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an UNTRUTH about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove. Some statements such as an untrue accusation of having committed a crime, having a loathsome disease, or being unable to perform one's occupation are treated as slander per se since the harm and malice are obvious, and therefore usually result in general and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed."
Alexis Kaiser March 30, 2013 at 05:22 AM
OMG - Do you reread your rants, you out of control crazy bitch. Trust me, I know where you have lived and where you live. You couldn't make it in Los Angeles, it's a tough town. It's evident by your posts, you don't have what it takes to make it here.You don't need to be quoting the law to me or re-ranting what I did or did not say to you. Firstly, you are not correct, secondly it shows how insecure you are about what you think know. You are talking out of your ass and it's apparent. So, you should really stop. I told you that before. But now you are just ranting. Why don't you have your attorney call mine? You have no fucking attorney, your feeble attempt at explaining the law indicates this. So quit trying to intimidate me. You don't want to deal with my attorney. Well, glad you had fun in Brooklyn. I heard a lot circus goers did too. Go back to your sandbox, where you hide that ugly face of yours from the truth. The circus will go on!!! Im sure you saw that proof tonight.
Alexis Kaiser March 30, 2013 at 05:28 AM
Cheryl, you ignorant ass. Taking any pix in public is taking any pix in public. But, The circus has been informed by law enforcement to take pix of cars and license plates due to suspicious activities that occur at the circus. It is for protection and to be able to contact people of interest when break-ins, fires and pipe bombs appear at the circus by groups like yours. Ohhh....did it again, associated you with Animal Rights Activists. What do you film for? Again, you think you have rights, we don't. Talk about smug? God, I can't believe I go on with you, you are so beneath me. I guess its just fun getting you all ranged up to the point you think you could sue me. Listen, take a valium and slow your roll. Or get therapy or something.
sai March 30, 2013 at 06:08 PM
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Alexis Kaiser March 30, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Interesting fact that Brooklyn was actually home to Ringling in its beginnings. Barclays Center is so overjoyed to have them "home" that they have signed RBBB to a five year contract. Guess that tells the public what kind of weight these AR's don't have. Bravo Barclays Center.
Cheryl Semcer March 31, 2013 at 03:56 AM
Seriously Alexis? You have no idea about my personal or professional life regardless of what you pretend to know. We moved back to NJ for a profitable business opportunity. LA was great but NJ is where our family is. I couldn't "make it LA" LA land???!! Ha Ha! Please, don't make me laugh. My stomping ground is NYC I roll with the big time not the wanna be desperate folks of LA. You have obviously never played in the big leagues. Like I said go back to you little sandbox, no one wants to play with you. Thank you to all the receptive and compassionate people in Brooklyn, NY. RB may have signed a contract but that doesn't mean the citizens want it. THAT was made very clear. We gave out over 10,000 leaflets today alone! The circus will not have wild animals in five years so congrats to RB. They signed a contract that will lose money. Happy Easter to everyone.
Cheryl Semcer March 31, 2013 at 04:07 AM
Alexis Kaiser - let me have your attorneys name and number and I will surely have mine call yours. Will that make you feel better you egomaniac? Never mind, I take back that offer. I'd rather you find our my attorney's name on court papers. Keep pushing psycho.
Alexis Kaiser March 31, 2013 at 05:40 AM
You know you lived in Studio City, that's the valley, hardly Los Angeles. I could give a crap, really. Just like to see how you will react to things. And oh how you do react. It's laughable, really. Love it. Glad to see your killing trees for all your leaflets that are basically tossed. I think Barclays knew what it was doing when it signed RBBB for five years. The Felds, also, obviously know what they are doing. You are so, what's the word, "smug." LOL Of course, you take back the offer to exchange attorney' names, you don't have one. That's funny, you calling me an egomaniac when it's you and your kind thinking your opinion on things are so superior to others that you can change the face of a century old tradition. Oh, wait, I'll sue first, your defaming me and possibly ruining my reputation by calling me an egomaniac and a psycho. Oh, honey, as long as you keep me laughing, I'll keep pushing. You can bet that bottom dollar you and that big time business opportunity in Jersey that you must be making
Cheryl Semcer March 31, 2013 at 05:59 AM
No secret, I lived in the heart of Studio City, between Moorpark and Ventura, was pretty happening, right around the corner from CBS Radford. Loved living there. I also spent years in Santa Monica in a beautiful condo. I used to love rollerblading on the beach at sunset. What's your point? You lived in Torrence and you are knocking Studio City? Wow. That's effing hysterical. Me ruin your reputation? HAAAAAA you do that all by yourself. Everything comes down to proof and you have none. Honestly, I have no interest in ruining the parking lot rep you have. It's not my style. I love how you react as well. Check mate. It's amusing debating with a grown woman whose middle name is GAY! An insult to homosexual people everywhere. Only thing my dear, is I know when to move on and focus on the important issues. www.ringlingbeatsanimals.com
Alexis Kaiser March 31, 2013 at 06:57 AM
Like I said, could give a crap you were a valley girl. (Yeah, real happening area - haha) Just funny to see your reactions. You get so defensive. I mean, why do you feel the need to explain yourself. especially to me. LMAO Taking jabs at my name and you tell me I should play in the sandbox, thats funny. You have something against the gays, too? Geezz You couldn't ruin my reputation for outdoor events out here in SoCal,no matter how hard you try, it's pretty stellar. I mean you are trying and you are just making yourself look like an ass. Oh, now, you'd like to move on. www.petakillsanimals.org. Feld wins lawsuit against ASPCA. Frankly, I like animals in the circus and have lived with animals in the circus and have a hands on experience at the circus, you don't. What is the big deal? Why don't we just live and let live - Alexis Gay Kaiser, Miss Torrance 1976. (My parents knew Torrance was a great place to raise their kids and they were right)
Cheryl Semcer March 31, 2013 at 04:17 PM
Finally something we agree on. Whew. That took forever! Peta is killing these animals and it disgusts me and all the other activists I work with. Peta explained that they take in the most injured or un- adoptable animals so therefore it is more compassionate to euthanize than to have these animals suffer. I don't know much else other than the propaganda I have read from you circus people. I can say that none of us believe that what PETA is doing is right nor do we support it. That doesn't mean however that I will distance myself from working with them on the fabulous circus campaign. They have exposed more of the truth than anyone else in this area and for that I will give them my respect. PETA does great work in some areas of animal welfare and some questionable ones in others. Just like you circus people expect us to believe you only have a few bad apples (trainers) in the circus well we are not perfect and admit some of the way PETA does things is questionable. Doesn't mean I'll give up on these animals. I've always been a member of a local NJ/NYC group and that works best for me. Sure, the big groups give us the literature and posters but that is the extent of the involvement.
Alexis Kaiser March 31, 2013 at 05:08 PM
Happy Easter, Cheryl. There are bad apples in every group. I think we should agree to disagree on the subject of circus animals. We should stop this personal bashing. You be the best campaigner you can and ill be the best champion of the circus I can. Nothing wrong with that. I think we are two strong-willed women that will continually give 100 percent to what we do. So let's agree on Girl Power! Again, wishing you and yours a Happy Easter and hoping for a truce.


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