Great Escape! Explore Gowanus

Take a walk through this charming neighborhood.

This weekend’s weather will be nice, so take a stroll through Gowanus -- the waterway may be , but the neighborhood is a blast.

Start off with a stroll over the Carroll Street Bridge, which offers great scenic views of the waterway. The bridge itself is a curiosity as well – it was constructed by the city in 1889 and is one of two retractile bridges left in New York. There are only four left in the entire United States.

A sign on the bridge still reads: "Any person driving over this bridge faster than a walk will be subject to a penalty of five dollars for each offense."

Then check out some of the cultural institutions Gowanus has to offer. At , an exhibit focuses on “paradise.” The – which was once Public Bath No. 7 – is worth a stop just to gaze at the ornate architecture.

Once your tummy starts rumbling, head to one of the neighborhoods many delicious eateries for a bite. Some of our favorites: Bar Tano and the pies, both and , at .

Cap off the afternoon with a beer at the Draft Barn or the newly opened – you’ve earned it!


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