Dealing With The Storm in Prospect Heights

A snowstorm pummeled Prospect Heights last night, and today there are cleanup efforts underway.

The snow may have wreaked havoc on the city, but here in Prospect Heights, people are managing as best as they can.

Washington Avenue looks like a scene from an apocalypse movie, with people wandering the streets, looking for their cars or neighbors (or any businesses that are actually open).

Martin Auerbach, a Brooklyn Heights resident, was in the neighborhood with his two sons, shovels in hand, trying to free a trapped Suburu from the snow.

"My son's girlfriend wanted to go to the Brooklyn Museum yesterday; drove here from the Upper East Side. At the end of the day, there was no way to drive back," he said.

Some people were out working in the snow, like Donelle Jones, a maintenance man for an apartment building on Eastern Parkway.

"This is just ridiculous!" he said.

As for handling the snow, Jones, armed with shovels and rock salt, said: "It's all about preparation. You gotta do what you gotta do. Pick up what you can and try to make at least a pathway."

Kim Smalls, a Prospect Heights resident said the storm was "crazy."

"I tried to walk to the store (up the block), and I couldn't see anything. I'm worried about my neighbor, she's old, she might not be able to get out."

Across the street, entreprenuership flourished, as Steven Brown and Sha Love were on the corner of Washington Avenue and St. John's Place selling snow pants and snow boots at a premium.

"Hey, we still gotta eat, gotta make some money," said Love.

Of the storm, Brown laughed, "This is Brooklyn, we just deal with it."

Derek Zandeis was also trying to make the best of the storm, charging $30 a pop to shovel snow from stoops.

"I might as well make a dollar. I'm trying to take advantage of the situation. Thirty bucks a stoop isn't bad," he said.

For those that can, staying inside and waiting for the streets and sidewalks to be cleaned is the best option, but if you must go venture out for supplies, you still have (a few) options. Key Food is open, as well as Kareem Deli. Tom's Restaurant is open and serving breakfast. Abigail Cafe is open, but only for coffee (the kitchen staff is out).


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