CitiBike Won't Hit Streets Until August

According to the CitiBike operator's twitter newsfeed, the launch has been pushed back another month.


If you've been itching to hop on a pair of CitiBike wheels, bad news: You'll have to cool your heels for another 30 days, according to the program operator's official Twitter feed.

The bike-share program was , and two months ago the locations were announced. (Sadly, the first roll-out ends at Atlantic Avenue; bike share isn't slated to come to Prospect Heights until 2013).

Since the announcements, none of the proposed pickup locations have had bike racks installed, leading some riders to start sniffing. Then, earlier today StreetsBlog.com reported that "operator Alta is telling prospective bike-share customers that the launch date will come in August."

“Hi David, thanks for your continued support and interest in CitiBike! Look for the launch in August,” read one tweet last week. 

It was not immediately clear what has caused the delay, but there have been public critics—including , saying the program could bypass the safety of riders and potentially leave the city open to lawsuits.

"In the rush to place 10,000 bicycles on our streets, City Hall may have pedaled past safety measures, a move that risks significantly exacerbating the number of injuries and fatalities of both bikers and pedestrians, especially those most vulnerable like young children and seniors," said Liu in a previous statement. 

When Patch reached out for a response, DOT did not comment on the cause of the delay. 

"We're working on the launch plan and will update the public as soon as we finalize all the details," said Seth Solomonow, NYCDOT Spokesman. A representative confirmed that the launch will not take place in July.

Stay with Patch for updates.

Jennifer Riggin July 18, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Great! Just what we need. More rude, hipsters on bikes. Apparently there aren't enough bullies on bikes running me over down Bedford Ave. on the way to the beach.


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