Ample Hills Owner Dishes on Cookbook Deal

Prospect Heights will play a large role in shaping the collection, owner Brian Smith says.

Earlier this week, Pulisher's Weekly announced that Prospect Heights ice cream parlor Ample Hills Creamery scored a cookbook deal. Congratulations to them!

Patch reached out to owner Brian Smith and got the scoop on a few more details. 

"My background is in writing, so it's very exciting to go back to that world," said Smith, who admitted to also being a little bit nervous.

In addition to ice cream flavors like their cult-favorite Salted Crack Caramel, Smith is planning to feature recipes for mix-ins, cookies, hot fudge, caramel as well as share stories that convey the interactivity of the shop with the surrounding neighborhood.

"We want it to be more than just a collection of recipes, " he said, "Although, obviously that will be the focus. But we want to include stories of how customers have helped come up with flavors and about the people who come here, as well."

Fellow scooper, Lauren Kaelin, who has designed the Creamery's t-shirts and other items at the store, will be creating all of the illustrations in the book.

The tasty tome is due to come out sometime in 2014, Smith said.

Which flavor would you like to see included in the cookbook? Tell us in the comments below.


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