Hound & Gatos Awarded with 2014 List of Most Trusted Pet Foods

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation announces their inclusion in the “2014 List of Trusted Pet Foods.” The annual report, put out by TruthAboutPetFood.com, features a list of companies that make the cut after being evaluated for providing high quality pet foods. The prestigious list is put out by an industry veteran, known for scrutinizing pet foods, putting them to the test, and taking on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in an effort to help raise awareness about pet food safety.


“What an honor it is to be included in this wonderful list of trusted pet foods,” explains Will Post, President of Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. “Susan Thixton, of TruthAboutPetFood.com, is passionate about making sure that only the best of the best make that list. Her efforts are endless in the pet food industry and making the list says a lot about the quality of our products.”


The criteria used to evaluate the pet foods to decide which ones would make the list of most trusted pet foods includes such factors as country of origin, ingredient quality, company transparency, and customer service by the company. The list uses ingredients that are USDA inspected and approved.


Being included in the list, consumers learn about the benefits that Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation offers. These include such things as being made in the USA, having BPA free packaging, offering USDA inspected and approved meats, avoiding unnatural ingredients or those that may harm a pet, and providing a balanced diet. Their foods focus on having all meat-based products, and avoiding such things as grains, carbohydrates, artificial colors, and by-products.


This information comes as a helpful tool for the many consumers who purchase pet foods each year. Being that it is a $19 billion per year industry, millions of consumers are searching for safer pet food options. They have become savvy to the problems and dangers of pet foods being manufactured in China and the extremely low, around three percent inspection rate of pet foods by the USDA.


“This is a critical report that has been thoroughly evaluated in order to ensure that everyone it deserves to be there,” added Post. “We are thrilled to be on that list and that our products were recognized for their high quality. Susan is a true hero for the millions of pets out there, as her work helps keep them safer and healthier.”


Cats and dogs thrive on a pure meat-based diet, such as the product line offered by Hound & Gatos Pet Food Corporation. Their product line is 100 percent animal protein, and avoids ingredients that pets should not have, including by-products, generic livers, fillers and plant protein. The pet food is sold in over 1,600 stores in the U.S. and  600 across Canada. To learn more about Hound & Gatos, including where to buy products, visit:www.houndgatos.com.



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