Be Part of New York's Largest Spikeball Tournament

What if beach volleyball and four square had a baby? Spikeball is the incredible  offspring of these sports. On June 29, Coney Island will be home to New York's largest Spikeball tournament.

Like volleyball, teams of two have up to three hits to get the softball-sized ball back to their opponents. Instead of hitting the ball over a net, teams must bounce the ball off a springy circular net on the ground. You can spike the ball as hard or as soft as you want and once play starts teams can move 360 degrees around the net.

On June 29, teams from all across the country will compete to see who is the best. Summer Spike, hosted at Coney Island, will be New York's largest Spikeball tournament. There are both casual and competitive divisions to suit all skill levels. Registration is $40 per team. Sign up at www.spikeballnyc.com to be part of this record breaking event.


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